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Open Source Recruitment Software

Open source recruitment software is a fantastic way to get the benefits of this latest technology without having to spend any money. There has been an increase in the amount of free software available for those hoping to see how it can improve their recruiting work. Businesses can now get a feel for what is available without the need to risk a lot of money. It is all great news; although there are a few disadvantages associated with using opens source recruitment software.

The Advantages of Open Source Recruitment Software

The biggest advantage of using open source recruitment software is of course the fact that it is free. This is what usually attracts people in the first place but there are actually many more benefits than this. The great thing about the open source community is that it is all about experimentation and innovation. It usually happens that software will be available as open source first; albeit in a cruder form. It is possible to pick up some great recruitment software this way and there are businesses who manage to satisfy all their needs without the need to spend a penny.

You might be wondering though, about what type of open source recruitment software is available and what can it do for your recruitment efforts. Well the usual way that this all works is that it automates a lot of the work that you would normally have to do yourself. Another great thing about this software is that it can also eliminate the need for many tasks which would previously have been the bane of the recruiter's life. Open source recruitment software makes recruitment a lot easier and it allows it to occur far more swiftly than ever before.

The Disadvantages of Open Source Recruitment Software

Did you ever hear the saying, “you get what you pay for”? While this does not fully apply to open source software there is some truth in it. Much of what you find for free will work less smoothly than the premium software; a lot of the reason premium software costs money is because it has been invested in making the whole thing look and perform more professionally. A premium software package will tend to be a lot easier to use and will generally have better functionality. It is also sure to come with much better service; after all you can only expect so much service from somebody who is giving you something for free. Another disadvantage with this type of software is that not all of it is very good. As we mentioned this is a place for innovation and experimentation; not all of these turn out very well. With open source you are taking a chance; although it shouldn't be a financial risk.

Should you choose open source recruitment software?

This will depend very much on your requirements and expectations. Some people find that open source allows them to find out about what is available before committing themselves to a premium software package.

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